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Staccato Black Unique Dual Mono Class A Amplifier



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Please give us a 6 weeks to manufacture your Amp. We do not stock them. Just want to be sure we are using the same batch of components. Controling the quality is our main value so you can get the best close pairing of componets used for manufacture.

Enclosure color

To choose between the colors go to gallery and pick your color. You can choose 10 different color configuration with the knob and chassis



About This Project

Staccato Black Unique Dual Mono Class A Amplifier is next step in sound philosophy inprovement to your system.

Warmth and Smoothness: Staccato Single-Ended Class A amplifier delivers a warm and smooth sound, contributing to it’s appeal among enthusiasts of analog audio. Operating in Class A, where transistors are continuously active, contributes to this effect.

Natural Reproduction of Source Tones: The sound produced is described as more natural, preserving the original characteristics of the source sound without introducing additional artifacts.

Clear Details and Instrument Separation: Staccato Single-Ended Class A amplifier has the ability to precisely reproduce sonic details and offer good separation of musical instruments in the sound stage. They can be pointed very easly. Totally clean “black background” uncovers room acoustics and microdetails like musician’s breathing.

Good Dynamics: Staccato Single-Ended Class A amplifier can provide good dynamics, effectively handling differences in volume between quiet and loud passages in a musical piece. There is no sharp edges, tube alike sweet and honey sound

Musicality: Many audiophiles appreciate the musical and warm sound signature produced by Staccato Black Unique.

Sense of Spaciousness: Due to its Single-Ended nature, the amplifier can create a sense of spaciousness, meaning that sounds are perceptually distributed in the sound space.

Continuous Operation: The amplifier operates in Class A mode continuously, meaning it doesn’t switch between different operating modes. This contributes to a smoother signal output.