OSH-S - Single Discrete Opamp Open Sound Hybrid - Staccatoaudio
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OSH-S – Single Discrete Opamp Open Sound Hybrid



Shipping cost - choose region

The highest output Current is



14x20x35 [mm]
0.55x0.79x1.38 [in]


Please give us a week to manufacture your opamps. We do not stock them. Just want to be sure we are using the same batch of components. Controling the quality is our main value so you can get the best close pairing between them.


Discrete Operational Amplifier

About This Project

The Open sound OpAmp improving the sound of high-end DACs and preamplifier.

The use of J-FET, in both input and output stage, in combination with high bias current, had result in low Open loop distortion with dominating of 2. harmonic. The source follower at the output using an active current source which allow higher output current than the bias current.